The Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 2022 is a 2 day event and will be held on 17 and 18 September 2022.

We are convinced our event will attract visitors on Saturday ánd Sunday. Some of them will even choose to come both days! Besides that, a 2 day show gives us the possibility (if government regulations force us) to restrict the number of visitors per day and still be able to get a normal number visitors through our doors. And last but not least: it will give the exhibitors time to have a look for themselves, as most of us are hobbyists!

Important: if you request tables for our show via the registration form below you agree to attend and occupy your tables for 2 days, because of organizational reasons we cannot make any exceptions!

Table options:

It is only possible to choose the following table combinations:
1 table: 1 front table,
2 tables: 2 front tables or 1 front table + 1 back table,
3 tables: 3 front tables or 2 front tables + 1 back table,
4 tables: 2 front tables + 2 back tables or 3 front tables + 1 back table,
5 tables: 3 front tables + 2 back tables,
6 tables (maximum): 3 front tables + 3 back tables

Back tables are tables which can be placed directly against the front table or behind you. You may decide where, as long as your fellow exhibitors are not bothered by the positioning of these tables.

It is important for us to give as many exhibitors as possible the chance to participate in the Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 2022, that is why we have chosen for the back table solution: more tables available!

Table prices for 2 days:

Front table € 50,00

Back table  € 35,00



Registration Form Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 2022
When you have entered an 'X' you will be expected to arrive without a car!
Prices for 2 days: Front table €50, Back table €35. Front tables are the tables placed at the aisle. Maximum number of front tables is 3 and for the back tables the same maximum: 3 tables. Back tables are tables placed behind you or attached to a front table (you may decide, as long as it does not bother your fellow exhibitors). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via
If your answer is 'No', you will not be registered as an exhibitor for the AACF 2022.