5th of December 2018:
After 2 fantastic shows in November,  the Frankfurt Aviation Weekend and the Heathrow Aircraft Enthusiasts Fair, the focus for us really has to go to the organization of our show in February.
Preparing nametags for the badges for over 120 exhibitors with their helpers (250-300 people), finishing the floor plan etcetera etcetera.
Exciting to see on social media how many people can’t wait for the AACF 2019 to start. Although there are still a lot of things to arrange, we can’t wait to welcome you again!

22nd of October 2018:
The MGL-Convention on the 6th of October and the Brussels Aviation Collectible Show on the 13th of October were a huge success!
MGL: more than 40 tables with lots of very special models and memorabilia!
Brussels: more than 60 tables (more then the last years!) with very nice aviation finds.
The AACF team was proud to be part of these shows!
25th of June 2018:
Even in Japan our show is noticed:

1st of June 2018:
The organization of the Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair is very happy to announce that the registration form for the 2nd International Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair is online: BOOK YOUR TABLES

15th of June 2018:
After two weeks already 156 exhibitor tables booked for the
Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 2019!!
An unbelievable achievment, thank you all for your support,
also to those exhibitors who will partcipate for the first time!!
We are sure the AACF 2019 will be an even bigger success than the AACF 2018!!

19th of March 2018:
The organization of the Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair is very happy to announce that there will be a 2nd edition which will take place on:
 FEBRUARY 24th 2019!!
LOCATION (same as this years edition):
Van der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol
Registration for exhibitors will start after the 1st of June 2019.
For the official announcements visit www.luchtvaartnieuws.nl and www.thediecastflier.com.

10th of April 2018:

Unfortunately this year there will be no Aéropuces Le Bourget at the Musée de l’Air et de l’Éspace. We regret the decision of the museum as this ends one of the best aviation collectors shows in the world.

14th of March 2018
After a fantastic 1st Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair with more than 200 tables, more than 100 exhibitors and more than 1000 visitors, we are already planning the Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 2019!
We can inform you that very soon a date and location will be published!!
Keep a close eye on www.luchtvaartnieuws.nl (Dutch collectors) and www.thediecastflier.com (collectors in the rest of the world).