Are you preparing for the

4th Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair?
We are!

- Expected February 2022 -

Slowly things are getting better, countries are opening up, the COVID-19 virus has been pushed back in many countries already. Of course we are not there yet, but it looks promising. Airlines are starting up again, but it will still take some time before travelling will be the same again…

Vaccination is going fast in the Netherlands and there are less and less infections. So now we have taken the next step in the organisation of the 4th Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair in 2022! 

More news will follow as soon as possible!!

We will keep you updated on the situation regarding the AACF and other planned shows in our Showagenda and Facebook-page. The first shows in the USA are already ‘on’, starting with Airliners International in July (www.airlinersinternational.org). Unfortunatelly Airliners International will come to soon for us to attend…

Hopefully the European shows in the second half of this year can be held too, let us keep our fingers crossed! 

You can also visit www.aviation-weekend.com where Dean Raineri will also update you.

We hope to see you soon at an Aviation Collectibles show near you!!


You can watch some videos of the Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 2019 and 2020 here!

This website is created to provide all Aviation collectors with information regarding the Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair which takes place near Schiphol Airport.

We work non-profit and our goal is to organize a yearly Aviation Collectors Fair for all Aviation enthusiasts in the world which will be known and listed as the first big show of the year in Europe!

The first edition of this event was on the 25th of February 2018. A huge success with over 110 exhibitors, 210 tables and more than 1000 visitors! The 2nd edition on the 24th of February 2019 was an even bigger success with 130 exhibitors, 276 tables and more than 1200 visitors! The 3rd edition was on the 23rd of February 2020, a huge success with more than 300 tables and 1300 visitors making it the worlds largest Aviation Collectibles show in the world!

In addition to the AACF, we will also inform you on the worldwide showagenda and give you reviews on the shows we’ve visited!


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Location Information

A great location very close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol!


The fair takes place at the Van der Valk Hotel A4 very close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. See the map for exact information.


The hotel is just 1 km South of Amsterdam Airport and easy to reach by car with free parking. The hotel shuttle bus departs every 40 min to the Airport Terminal.


Limited hotelrooms available for a special price. Click on the button below to get a booking form for a hotelroom from €89 including breakfast!