Table and admission fee

Visitors: € 2 per person. Payable during the event. NO registration required.

Stallholders: € 20 per table. Registration required!!! Complete the form below.

Special requests (electricity etc.) or remarks


*It is possible to get a packed lunch. This contains:
-4 sandwiches
-1 bottle of still water
-2 pieces of fruit
-1 candybar
-1 bag of crisps

** It is possible to attend de ACDB (“After Convention Dinner Buffet”), a nice moment to discuss the convention with eachother while enjoying a nice meal and a cold or hot drink.

Note: drinks are NOT included, all catering is provide by the Van der Valk Hotel.



Normal price: € 119 per night

AMSTERDAM AVIATION COLLECTORS FAIR price: € 89 per night including breakfast!