The list below will give you an insight in what you can expect at the 4th Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair on 17 and 18 September 2022.

Some exhibitors are in the list with their names, others are listed anonymous. They want to be listed anonymously or have not given approval to use their name yet.

Registration number Exhibitor Offering Country Civil/Military Company Number of Tables
AACF001 Arjan Vaarwater and Rutger van Hasselt Diecast models 1/400 and 1/500 scale Netherlands Civil 6
AACF002 Patrick van Rooijen Diecast models scale 1/200 and display models scale 1/200 and bigger Netherlands Combined PVR Aviation Collectibles 8
AACF003 Carsten Kribber Postcards and airliner models in various scales Germany Civil 1
AACF004 Anonymous Safetycards Switzerland Civil 1
AACF005 Markus Kircher Diecast models 1/500 Germany Civil Kircher-Modellshop 6
AACF006 Erik Boers Models, postcards, photos, safetycards and other small aviation related items Netherlands Combined 4
AACF007 Nico Roozen Civil and Military slides, safetycards and other small aviation related items Netherlands Combined 1
AACF008 Jan Alexander Lueck Safetycards Germany Civil 1
AACF009 Ed van Rooijen Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) Netherlands Civil 6
AACF010 Anonymous Airplane models, books, stickers, flight safety cards, kits, books, and small aviation related stuff Netherlands Civil 3
AACF011 Anonymous Books and models in various scales Netherlands Combined 4
AACF012 Hans Talsma Books and Models 1/200 Netherlands Civil 3
AACF013 Chris Knott Photos/slides, Timetables, Safetycards United Kingdom Combined 6
AACF014 Chris Slimmer Postcards, safetycards and promotional stand for Airliners International 2023 United States Civil 2
AACF015 Anonymous Old collectors models and collectables Netherlands Civil 2
AACF016 Anonymous Postcards, Aircraft models, safety cards, historical books, aviation cutlery Germany Civil 1
AACF017 Anonymous Safetycards Luxembourg Civil 1
AACF018 Anonymous Postcards Germany Civil 1
AACF019 Thomas Trede Safetycards Germany Civil 1
AACF020 Anonymous Postcards, models, photos and safetycards France Civil 1
AACF021 Anonymous Books, Timetables and Magazines Netherlands Civil 2
AACF022 Norbert Heck Safetycards, sickness bags, slides France Civil 1
AACF023 Marc Marijnissen Safetycards Netherlands Civil 1
AACF024 Eddy de Kruijff Pilot gear, aviation souvenirs Netherlands Military The Aviation Store 1
AACF025 Ad Jan Altevogt More than 10.000 slides and 10×15 cm pictures of Civil and Military Aircraft, jets and propliners, helicopters, Aviation books and registers Netherlands Combined Luchtvaartarchief Ad Jan Altevogt 3
AACF026 Freddy de Groot Books and collectibles Netherlands Combined 2
AACF027 Arnim Ortmayer Paper items, timetables, memorabilia Germany Civil 2
AACF028 Jan-Willem Sentrop Photos, postcards, books, magazines, timetables, posters and other small aviation collectibles Netherlands Combined 1
AACF029 Arcunia Diecast models 1/200 and 1/400 Netherlands Civil 6
AACF030 Wolfgang Borgmann Writer of Aviation related books, signed on site! Germany Civil 1
AACF031 Anonymous Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models), Books and Magazines Denmark Civil 3
AACF032 Ive van Weddingen Diecast models 1/200 and 1/400 Belgium Combined 3
AACF033 Jaap van Veen Books, Comic books, photos, technical manuals, clothing, caps and other small aviation related items Netherlands Combined 1
AACF034 Anonymous Postcards, Books, Brochures and Timetables Netherlands Civil 4
AACF035 Dutch Aviation Publications Books and Magazines, Photos/Slides Netherlands Combined 2
AACF036 Diecast Trading Civil Diecast 1/200, Military 1/72 diecast models and models various scales Netherlands Civil 6
AACF037 Anonymous Safetycards, Postcards Germany Civil 2
AACF038 Charles Kennedy Books and Magazines United Kingdom Civil Astral Horizon Press 2
AACF039 Barbara Freeman Postcards, safetycards and other small aviation related items United States Civil 0.5
AACF039 Kent Gillespie Postcards United States Civil 0.5
AACF040 Shahab Shaterian Custom made diecast models 1/500 United Kingdom Civil Aviation Custom Model Designer (ACMD) 1
AACF041 Anonymous Photos/slides, Models various scales Netherlands Civil 2
AACF042 Felix Biermann Airforce Patches, Pilot scarves, Wall Plaques, Magazines and other military aviation related items Germany Military SAC – Spotters-corner Aviation Collectibles 4
AACF043 Anonymous Books and Magazines Netherlands Combined 2
AACF044 Louis Krikke Diecast models, Other Plane models, Old tin toy Planes and Space toys, Books, Magazines, KLM gadgets Netherlands Combined Toy Paradise 2
AACF045 Stefan Goossens Aircraft Parts and Instruments, Aviation Art and Curiosa Netherlands Combined Blackbird Aviation 2
AACF046 Anonymous Aviation Art and Curiosa, Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) Netherlands Combined 5
AACF047 Anonymous Books, Models, Postcards, Safety crads and other collectibles Netherlands Civil 2
AACF048 Verenigde Vleugels Books and Magazines Netherlands Combined 2
AACF049 Lars Smithuis Scale models (diecast, plastic, home build, various scales), other airline related items Netherlands Combined LaMa Aviation 2
AACF050 Anonymous 1:200 diecast models , books , photographs , dinky toy aircraft models , Topping display models Netherlands Combined 2
AACF051 Anonymous Postcards, photos, slides, models, safety cards, games, c-class bags, other aviation related items Netherlands Civil 1
AACF052 Anonymous Safetycards Germany Civil 1
AACF053 Vincent Gerrits Airplane models 1/400, 1/200 and dvd’s Netherlands Civil 1
AACF054 Anonymous Diecast models 1/400, 1/100, Airline board equipment, Safetycards, Stickers, Crew wings, Timetables, Routemaps, postcards Germany Civil 1
AACF055 Timotheus Valbracht Fuselage cut outs, window cut out, cabin interior furnishings, safetycards, instruments Canada Civil SilverJet airCraft 2
AACF056 Anonymous Books and stickers related to KLM aircraft which left the company Netherlands Civil 4
AACF057 Gerhard Killian Large flags, small pennants, large airline company signs, beer mugs, route-maps/Airatlas, tickets, menu-cards, airline manuals, pens/biros Germany Civil 5
AACF058 Lionel Cordeiro Runway lamps, aircraft pistons, books and magazines, civil and military flight instruments and various lamps made with aircraft parts. France Combined Steel Aero Design 3
AACF059 Kassandra Stultiens-Zandstra Models, postcards, female pilot stuff Spain Civil Female Pilot Hub 1
AACF060 Anonymous Diecast models 1/400 United Kingdom Civil 1
AACF061 Anonymous Diecast models 1/200, 1/400, 1/500 Germany Civil 6
AACF062 Anonymous Postcards, uniforms, magazines, books, watches, pins, glasses, silverware, dishes, blankets, pens, playing cards, travel kits and much more France Civil 3
AACF063 Anonymous Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models), Modelkits Netherlands Civil 2
AACF064 Michel Patry Postcards, books, paper work and other small aviation related items France Civil 2
AACF065 Anonymous Diecast models 1/200 and 1/400 Netherlands Combined 1
AACF066 Rob Mulder New books and magazines Norway Civil Bookshop European Airlines 1
AACF067 Thijs Postma Photos/slides Netherlands Combined 1
AACF068 Henk Scharringa Aviation related T-shirts, books, slides and prints. Netherlands Military 3
AACF069 Anonymous Books and Magazines Turkey Civil 1
AACF070 Patrick van Dam Airforce Patches, Flight Suits, Pilot Helmets Netherlands Military Red’s Patches 2
AACF071 Franc van Vliet & Anthony Leyfeldt Photos/slides/postcards and other aviation related items Netherlands Civil 2
AACF072 Eddy Vanhaute Postcards, safetycards, brochures, sickness bags, books, models etc.. Belgium Combined 1
AACF073 Anonymous Safetycards, postcards and other airline related stuff Belgium Civil 1
AACF074 Rick de Boer Trolleys, galley containers, light boxes and other Airline related collectibles Netherlands Civil 4
AACF075 Anonymous Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) and aviation memorabilia Netherlands Combined 3
AACF076 Anonymous Books and Magazines, Promotion JetFlix TV Canada Civil 1
AACF077 Nathalie Bardieux Aircraft Parts and Instruments, Models Various scales, Aviation memorabilia France Civil 3
AACF078 Pascal Van de Walle Aircraft Parts and Instruments, Models Various scales, Aviation memorabilia France Combined 3
AACF079 Thomas Wuestneck Safetycards, models various scales Germany Civil 3
AACF080 Anonymous Books and magazines Netherlands Combined 2
AACF081 Bob Dros Diecast models, modelkits and books Netherlands Combined 1
AACF082 Anonymous Safetycards Iran Civil 1
AACF083 Raimond Schulz Models 1/200, 1/400, dioramas Germany Combined As real as it gets 2
AACF084 Simon Watson Books and Magazines, photo’s and other paperwork United Kingdom Combined The Aviation Bookshop 6
AACF085 Anonymous Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) France Civil 2
AACF086 Philippe Loucougain Aviation Art and Curiosa France Combined 0 3
AACF087 Anonymous Postcards, little models, ashtrays, brochure, posters. Switzerland Civil 1
AACF088 Athanasios Gklavas Passenger tickets, safety cards, boarding passes, stickers, timetables, route maps Greece Civil 1
AACF089 Guy Vanherbruggen Books, photos, slides, Aircraft parts, brochures Belgium Civil 1
AACF090 Dan Asher Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) United States Civil Airo mini 1
AACF091 Anonymous Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) Germany Civil 1
AACF092 Anonymous Postcards and safetycards Germany Civil 1
AACF093 Anonymous Diecast models 1/500 Germany Civil 1
AACF094 Anonymous (Diecast) models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) Netherlands Civil 2
AACF095 Anonymous Models 1/200, 1/400, 1/500 Germany Civil 4
AACF096 Anonymous Aircraft Parts and Instruments, Models Various scales, Aviation memorabilia Netherlands Combined 1
AACF097 Anonymous Books and magazines, photos/slides United Kingdom Combined 2
AACF098 Jonathan Coe Keychains form the skin of retired aircraft along with fuselage and window sections. United Kingdom Civil Airskinz 2
AACF099 Anonymous Plastic modelkits, diecast aircraft and books Netherlands Combined 4
AACF100 Anonymous Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) België Civil 4
AACF101 Anonymous Books, display models (1:50-1:100), plastic models kits (1:72-1:144), safety cards Netherlands Civil 2
AACF102 Stg. Dutch Starfighter Foundation Promotion Netherlands Military 3
AACF103 Anonymous Promotion Netherlands Military 1
AACF104 Philippe Cappe Aviation art prints France Combined Philippe Cappe Aviation Art 2
AACF105 Anonymous postcards, safetycards, headrestcovers, inflightitems, models, Jeppesen guides etc Netherlands Civil 1
AACF106 Sebastian Steinbach Scale Models 1/100 – 1/500 by Herpa, Gemini, JC and NG. Also Keyrings and display accesoiries Germany Civil Flugwerk24 UG 3
AACF107 Hans Peters Books, photo’s, flight suits, coats of arms, building kits, insignia Netherlands Military St. Vrienden van de Traditiekamer MLD 2
AACF108 Dick van der Aart Large photograps, postcards and books Netherlands Combined 3
AACF109 Anonymous Diecast models 1/200, aviation merchandise Netherlands Civil 1
AACF110 Anonymous Models (anything from 1/500 to 1/100), Magazines, Books (Private collection) Germany Civil 2
AACF111 480th Fighter Sqn. Warhawks USAF Airforce Patches, T-shirts and other Squadron swag United States Military 2
AACF112 PLAINT Handmade paintings and/or drawings in every possible technic: ‘We paint your pictures’! Belgium Combined 2
AACF113 Anonymous Safetycards, Models 1/500 Germany Civil 1
AACF114 Anonymous Parts of dismantled civil aircraft : instruments, cut outs, windows & upcycled parts : small furniture , lamps, clocks, tags, keyrings, all handmade from parts of aircraft dismantled by Thomas and Hans themselves Belgium Civil 6
AACF115 Anonymous 1/200 Models and other Aviation memorabilia Switzerland Civil 1
AACF116 Eduard IJsbrandij Vintage Aircraft Parts-clothes-Books-caps-goggles Nederland Combined Fredmans Vintage Aviation 4
AACF117 Anonymous Airforce Patches, Squadron Plaques, books, photos Nederland Military 1
AACF118 Anonymous Airline Models, uniforms, model kits, posters, books, safety cards, flyers France Civil 6
AACF119 Anonymous Safetycards, Aircraftparts, Postcards, Pins, Sticker Germany Combined 1
AACF120 Anonymous Aviation Memorabilia Belgium Civil 1
AACF121 Anonymous Models various scales (incl Travel Agency models) United States Civil 1
AACF122 André Wilderdijk Airforce Patches, Books, Oxygen masks Nederland Military 1
AACF123 Vilain Gerard Postcards Safetycards, Air Letters France Civil 2
AACF124 Emilio Vazquez Lopez Dioramas 1/400 Chile Civil Dioramas Chile 1
AACF125 Anonymous Models various scales and publications United States Civil 1
AACF126 Adam Król Model Airport dioramas in A4 format, modular airport sets as well as mock-ups of real airports in 1.500, 1/400 and 1/200 Poland Civil A4Airport 3
AACF127 Anonymous Slides, postcards, pictures, stickers, diecast models (200/400/500) Germany Civil 2
AACF128 Anonymous Models various scales and aviation memorabilia Germany Civil 2