IJweg 1415

2152 NB Nieuw-Vennep

How to reach the Vanzantenhal

  • By car (free parking, 1100 spaces): navigate to IJweg 1413, Nieuw-Vennep
  • Free shuttle bus: In coöperaton with Stichting Veteraan Autobussen we arranged free shuttle busses from Van der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol to the Vanzantenhal. There will be an extra stop at Nieuw-Vennep busstation for those visitors who will come to Nieuw-Vennep by train or bus. As the Stichting Veteraan Autobussen is a non-profit organisation a donation to the busdrivers is appreciated! For more information and bookings please visit the website
  • Public transportation: To come to the Vanzantenhal by public transportation is not the easiest way, but it is possible. You have to take bus line 397 departing from Schiphol Airport to Nieuw-Vennep, P+R Getsewoud Zuid. Check for information on bus stop, location and departure times. Bus stop for the Vanzantenhal is: “Nieuw Vennep, Getsewoud-Noord“. From there it is approximately a 15-20 minute walk to IJweg 1415, Nieuw Vennep.