Please note that it is only possible to choose the following table combinations:

– 1 table: 1 front table,
– 2 tables: 2 front tables or 1 front table + 1 back table,
– 3 tables: 3 front tables or 2 front tables + 1 back table,
– 4 tables: 2 front tables + 2 back table or 3 front tables + 1 back table,
– 5 tables: 3 front tables + 2 back tables,
– 6 tables (maximum): 3 front tables + 3 back tables.

What you choose is a preference, we will assign the final number of tables to you after we have looked at how it fits in our floor plan.

Back tables are tables which can be placed directly against the front table or behind you. You may decide where, as long as you stay inside the space assigned to you and your fellow exhibitors are not bothered by the positioning of these tables.

Table prices:

Front table € 22,50

Back table  € 15,00

Front tables are the tables placed at the aisle. Maximum number of front tables is 3 and for the back tables the same maximum: 3 tables. Back tables are tables placed behind you or attached to a front table (you may decide, as long as it does not bother your fellow exhibitors). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via
It is possible to order a lunchpackage. This contains: -2 sandwiches -1 bottle of still water -2 pieces of fruit -1 candybar -1 bag of crisps



AMSTERDAM AVIATION COLLECTORS FAIR price: single room € 89, double room € 99 per night including breakfast!